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It’s good to sink deep inside, to my only touchstone

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Ooberman stuff from the dusty shoeboxToday I’ve been sorting out a whole heap of boxes. Boxes of stuff. Stuff I’ve had for years under the bed and in cupboards. It’s a really time-consuming job because you come across stuff you’d forgotten about and start reminiscing. In one dusty shoebox I found some flyers and vinyls from my all-time favourite band (apologies for sounding like a 14-year old girl): Ooberman. The memories came flooding back, so I’m going to explain why they are my all-time favourite band.

Quite simply, they were the act that showed me how to emotionally connect with music.

Their music isn’t groundbreaking; looking back now it isn’t even particularly great. But as a teenager there was something about the dreamy melodies, sugar-coated lyrics and sheer quirkiness that really hooked me in. That and they also gave a shit about their fans. I made a whole heap of friends through the online community and at gigs, some of whom I’m still in touch with now. Those meetings led to a couple of “Oobercamps” at Leeds Festivals in the early 2000’s complete with PANTS flag and even as I’m writing this yet more memories are flooding back. Good times indeed!

So thank you Ooberman, to the band and the fans, for showing me how important music would end up being to me.