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The tortuous world of the football song

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Remember the weekend before last when it was really sunny? That’s when I realised how close we are to the World Cup. Because, for the first time this year, my day was interrupted by the worst invention known to man – THE FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT SONG.

The neighbours were outside and thought “Three Lions” followed by “Vindaloo” was a suitable soundtrack to a sunny Sunday BBQ. They were wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against football. I’m a football fan. How else do you explain me previously having a season ticket at Northampton Town!? But what I do object to is god awful money-making songs featuring some washed-up celebrity claiming to “support our boys”.

However, there is the odd exception. The most well known of these being of course, World In Motion by New Order.

The idea of having a respected group make a football song that wasn’t about football was unheard of at the time – and hasn’t really been replicated since. It’s far from perfect – John Barnes rapping still makes my hair curl now – but it’s streets ahead of anything else.

So with just ten days to go until the World Cup kicks off in South Africa, watch the video below, paint your face, and join me in the nearest pub to buy me a pint and shout COME ON ENGLAND!