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What is this?

It’s a place for me to collect all my thoughts on the wonderfully diverse emotional rollercoaster that is the musical express. Choo choo!

I’ll record the gigs I go to, the videos that catch my attention, little titbits of gossip and news, and well, whatever the hell I like really. If I go off-topic, then that is what I shall do. This is my place, not yours. But you’re welcome to stay a while. Just respect my rules:

  • Dirty trainers only. Or take them off, but if you do, wear socks, there might be shards of glass on the floor
  • No flashing red horns, nurses outfits, or university sports teams
  • Lively discussion welcome, but if you’re aggressive or insulting, you’re out the door
  • Awesome people only
  • Be awesome to one another
  • Don’t make a drink without making me one
  • No Ben Sherman
  • No diving in the shallow end
  • No heavy petting

Let’s do this.